Green Hearts of Europe INFO

European Days with Tradition

European Days with Tradition consisted of meetings and study tours. We were presenting our culture and getting to know achievements of our partners from Podkarpacie and Slovakia. Over 900 people participated in this event. The event that started realization of international project called “Green Hearts of Europe- Promotion of Cultural and Touristic Values of Zamość’s Commune area” was “Green Hearts of Europe- The European Days with Tradition ” which took place in the second part of April 2010. The whole project realized by Zamość Community is co-financed by Eauropean Regional Development Fund in Regional Programme of Lubelskie Province for years 2007-2013. The partners of the Commune are: Commune Sárospatak (Hungary), Agentura regionálneho rozvoja Poloniny (Slovakia), Commune Staffolo (Italy), Polish Tourism and Sightseeing Society Branch in Rzeszów (Poland). More than 900 people, including guests from Slovakia participated in The European Days with Tradition. The undertaking consisted of study tours and meetings in Regional Memory Chamber and in Collective of Schools in Wysokie. The Slovakian delegates, with Svätoslav Husťák the president of Agentura regionálneho rozvoja Poloniny, arrived to Zamość on 23th April 2010 . Our guests got to know touristic values of Zamość’s Commune and Roztocze and traditions of their residents. Together with the representatives of Housewives Association they participated in study tour “Ethnography of Zamojszczyzna and Roztocze” and in ethnographic workouts prepared in Regional Memory Chamber in Wysokie. There, they were exploring history of the Chamber, it’s exhibits and traditional polish dishes. The representatives had a chance to watch a special movie about harvesting, prepared by Mayor and ladies from the Housewives Association. The actors that acted in the movie were the originators themselves. Polish and slovakian traditional music was used in the film. From 24th till 30th of April everyone could visit the Regional Memory Chamber in Wysokie. “Life in old days..” was a subject for cultural presentation of local handwork. Tourist were guided by a guide from Promotion, Tourism and Sport Center in Zamość and ladies from Housewives Association. There were some presentations organized for bigger groups of tourists showing the usage of old equipments combined with regional and traditional cuisine tasting for example lard sandwiches, pierogi or sweet cookies. The Chamber was visited by groups and by individual tourists as well. On April 26th in a sports hall by the Collective of Schools in Wysokie a “Meeting with tradition” took place. The hall was transformed into a market full of stands with handwork and arts and crafts. All made by the ladies from the Housewives Associations from Wysokie, Bortatycze, Bortatycze Kolonia, Białobrzegi, Chyża, Sitaniec, Sitaniec Wolica, Mokre and Wychody. The products were presented by Czesława Strzałka from Białowola, Agata Piwko from Szopinek, Lila Cichosz from Bortatycze and Elżbieta Dudek from Rozdołowy. Local painter Mr. Robert Gomułka from Wysokie was presenting his works as well. There was a concert performed by Youth Brass Band OSP Białowola, Sitanianie Choir and Wesołe Gosposie Band. The event was inaugurated by Zamość Mayor, Mr. Robert Gliwiński and the president of Agentury regionalneho rozvoja Poloniny( Slovakia), who gave a lecture about Slovakia’s amazing wooden architecture from Sniny area, and its landscape. The inauguration was very interesting and had many listeners who filled the room completely. On 30th of April a group of Zamość citizens from inter alia Sitaniec Wolica, Wysokie, Bortatycze, Wychody and Chyża went for a two days study trip. The trip’s theme was “Culture of an old village”. The route of the trip was leading through podkarpackie voivodeship. The trip included a visit In an old manor In Bolestraszyce, where a research institution is held (Zakład Fizjografii i Arboretum), which analyzes the region’s geology. It also holds 1800 species of trees and bushes, 1200 green plants and 180 hothouse plants. The group also visited old architecture of the region built by Lasowiakowie and Rzeszowiakowie, who were old ethnic groups, located in Ethnographic Park in Kolbuszowa. The next event planned as part of the project is “ Green hearts of Europe – Local Government Member’s Days”. All project’s partners plus some folk music bands will come to Zamość to participate. The programme of upcoming European Sports Games and folk festival “ Music of Europe” available on page 36.