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Summer Touristic Festival – Cultural View of Zamość Commune and Roztocze

Half of this year’s holidays has gone past. Not every child of our region has a chance to go to summer camp. That’s why Zamość Commune in association with Housewifes Association and Mayor’s Councils from the area of the Commune has proceeded to organize summer activities for children and youth that spend summer time at their homes. It’s a series of one-day, touristic and educational tours, which goals to provide active time and to show the cultural and natural values of the region and to show the beauty of Roztocze to the children. 2 permanent tracks were established and there’s 1 track for individual planning. Every tour starts with visit in Regional Memory Chamber in Wysokie, where the participants of the tour will be introduced to everyday use tools and equipment formerly used in rural areas. The further route of the tour depends on selected track. Track A goes through structures located near the track from Wysokie to Klemensowo, next point is a ride to Mokrelipie including Sąsiadka’s castle ruins. At the Bee-Keeping Household, belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Śliczniakowie in Mokrelipie, the participants will explore plenty of interesting issues about bee keeping and production and features of honey connected with degustation. The next point of the tour is the Sanctuary in Radecznica, and a visit at St. Anthony’s Chapel. The last point of the tour is Zwierzyniec and sightseeing of the most important, historical structuresin the area. Track B starts with Regional Memory Chamber in Wysokie from which the tour follows to Szczebrzeszyna where the sightseeing includes synagogue, Orthodox and Catolic churches, Jewish cemetery and The Cricket (monument dedicated to town’s symbol), and after a little break,a tour to Krasnobród and walk to the Chapel of St. Roch. Every participant of the tours is provided with reflective band or teddy bears as part of the action “Safe with Zamość Commune”. Over 800 people declared participation in the project, and to this moment 521 participants from parishes: Sitaniec, Lipsko, Mokre, Borowina Sitaniecka, Sitaniec Wolica, Płoskie, Wychody, Lipsko Polesie, Pniówek, Łapiguz, Żdanówek, Bortatycze Kolonia, Wysokie have taken part in the tours. Next participants of the project are parishes: Wierzchowiny, Zawada, Jatutów, Wólka Panieńska, Białowola, Białobrzegi, Siedliska, Bortatycze, Lipsko Kosobudy. Summer Tours are financed from Zamość Commune’s budget.