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Gopher’s Day in Zamość

That was the 6th edition of a family eco-festival “Gopher’s Day” that took place at the playing field in Mokre’s forest. This year it was combined with the project “Green Hearts of Europe – promotion of cultural and touristic values of Zamość commune area” as a part of “Summer Touristic Festival. The fest took place on Sunday, 25th of July 2010. Despite cloudy weather it gathered hundreds of people. First to perform was a theatrical group from Warsaw with a play dedicated for the children “Mr. Kleks’ Academy” based on work by Jan Brzechwa and Julian Tuwim, with elements of singing, dancing and acrobatics. Than Youth Brass Band OSP Białowola with Mr. Józef Tokarz played a concert “Summer music afternoon”. Children form Primary School in Mokre, performed a musical programme based on religious recollection retreat taking place at their school. The official opening was performed by Mr. Ryszard Gliwiński Mayor of Zamość along with Mr. Jerzy Bondyra(president of the City Council) and delegates invited from abroad Svätoslav Hust’ák president of Agentury Regionalnego Rozwoju Połoniny from Slovakia, Aros János Mayor’s deputy from Sárospatak Commune in Hungary, representatives of civil defence from Staffolo, Italy, Łukasz Biedka member of administration board of PTTK(Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) Rzeszów Branch and members of different social organizations from Mokre. Next a winners of a competition “Soectwo na widokówkę” organized by the Mayor of Zamość were announced. 1st place in the category “ best visual organization of a farm yard” was Ms Joanna Bojar from Pniówek, 2nd Danuta and Zbigniew Kuźma from Sitaniec and 3rd place Ms Halina Kościk from Żdanów. In next category “the most beautiful yard” the 1st prize went to Jadwiga Ćwik from Skokówek, 2nd Anna and Mirosław Bałdyga from Sitaniec Wolica and Agnieszka Sarzyńska from Wólka Pańska and the 3rd place was Ms Amelia Zakrzewska from Skokówka. Honourable mention in the category: Anna Figiel from Sitaniec Wolica, Wiesława Poździk from Sitaniec Wolica and Renata Szczygieł from Wierzchowiny. The crowd enjoyed Genowefa Pigwa’s show full sketches and humorous songs. Also performed: G&P a dance formation from Mokre, youth from Wysokie with their artistic programme and Ms Edyta Zając impersonating a lady from 1920 and an exotic dancer. Gopher’s Day was accompanied by Natural Products Trade Fair, in which guests from Science and Business Centre “Żak” from Zamość took part presenting their educational offer. Another presentations were: Jerzy Głąb from Mokre with popcorn, sweet corn and candy floss, Janusz Binkowski from Szopinek with boiled sweet corn, Public Library from Sitaniec with their books old and new, scouts team “Pyszczydła” from Wysokie performed face painting, Astronomy Enthusiasts from Zamość presented topographies and some equipment needed for watching the skies, Genowefa Pomarańska from Zamość with candy floss and boiled sweet corn. The participants were choosing the best product. Astronomy Enthusiasts Associations from Zamość won the competition. The president of the Association Mr. Andrzej Rzemieniak received memorial cup from Zamość Mayor’s depute Mr. Konrad Dziuba. Anyone who voted could win a prize, here’s a list of lucky winners: Michał Dłutkowski from Zamość, Patryk Piekarski from Lipsko, Przemysław Chrzan from Mokre, Maria Sopelak from Żdanów, Piotr Sopelak from Żdanów, Gabriel Krukowski from Żdanówek, Andrzej Bondyra from Zamość, Piotr Prochowicz from Zamość, Diana Dudek from Lipsko Polesie and Katarzyna Bondyra from Żdanówek. Gopher statuettes were the prize for the lucky ones who found them hidden around the fest area in “Gopher hunting” contest. Here are the winners: Andrzej Bondyra, Mariusz Pliżga i Mateusz Kołtun. In the contest for the best slogan for preservation of nature project. The winners were: Krzysztof Piekarski from Lipsko, Julita Chrzan from Mokre, Tomasz Furgała from Lubaczów, Edward Topolski from Zamość, Anna Mołdoch from Wieprzec, Radosław Sagan from Zwódne, Gabriel Krukowski from Żdanówek, Patryk Sopelak from Żdanów, Lucyna Walczuk from Zamość, Witold Pintal from Zamość. Blood Donors Club organized a bicycle race. Everyone who came to the fest by bike could win a prize as well. Here is a list of winners: Grzegorz Cybulski from Zamość, Andrzej Lewusz from Zamość, Hanna Pietrynko from Zamość, Teresa Edelman from Mokre, Patryk Tchórz from Płoskie, Agnieszka Michałuszko from Płoskie, Wiktoria Borsuk from Płoskie, Bogumiła Poździk form Bortatycze, Barbara Tymura from Hubale, Barbara Kulik form Zamość, Gosia Zora from Łódź, Waldemar Czop from Płoskie, Mateusz Fiuk from Zamość, Mateusz Główka from Żdanówek. The Gopher (speckled ground squirrel) was giving reflection badges to children as part of the project “Safe in Zamość Commune”. The day ended with a concert “Biesiada Roztoczańska” by Badachowie family trio along with vocal group Camerata Belfer from Sitaniec. The fest was organized by Zamość Commune in association with Mokre’s citizens, regional organizations, Mokre’s Council, Mokre’s Fire Department, Wspólnota Gruntowa in Mokre, Housewives Association in Mokre and Spotrs Club “Okęcie” in Mokre. The guest had a chance to get to know the diversity and specificity of the region’s touristic values during the Gopher’s Day as well as during the trip on the 24th of July 2010. They visited Krasnobród, Christmas oil factory in Ruszów, blacksmith’s workplace in Wólka Panieńska, sculptor in Niedzieliski, apiary ULIK w Mokremlipie and St Anthony’s Sanctuary in Radeczica. Aleksandra Siołek