Green Hearts of Europe INFO

On the green fields of Połoniny

City Council members of Zamość together with the ladies from Housewives Association took part in a study trip “Kulinarne tradycje Europy” to pure and amazing natural region of Slovakia. The trip was a part of a project “Green Hearts of Europe – promotion of cultural, touristic values of Zamość Commune area”. Agentúry regionálneho rozvoja Poloniny is a slovakian partner of the project, represented by Svatosław Hustiak. Polish delegates were learning about natural, touristic and economic resources of Sniny and Połoniny National Reservation Park. The Park holds the biggest drinking water reservoir in Slovakia – Starina. The region is very interesting for cultural reasons as well. That is where the old culture of Byzantine Empire was meeting the culture of The West. The fact that Sniny and Zamość have much in common may held both regions to develop.