Green Hearts of Europe INFO

Ecology Havens of Europe

Ecology Havens of Europe was the name for a hiking event organized as part of the project “Green Hearts of Europe- promotion of cultural and touristic values of Zamość Commune area” co-financed from EU’s funds. It’s finish line was in Lipsk. Young tourists from Sitaniec, Sitaniec Wolica, Bortatycze Kolonia, Lipsko Polesie and Żdanówek were hiking through Roztocze. The first track was starting in Feliksówka leading through Władysława Podobińska’s green trail and a part of a bicycle trail and a St Roman’s chapel. The second track leads from the Statue of Rebellion in Zamość in Szewnia Dolna through a deep forest and bicycle trail. The participants could learn about different species of plants and animals. The trip ended with a food and drink treat, bone fire and meeting with Zamość Internet Television. You can watch the coverage material from the hike on