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The history of Zamość Commune

“The history of Zamość Commune’s towns” is the first work, that in so comprehensive way tells us about events and people from past, that have taken place over the centuries in areas forming Zamość Commune today. We are glad the publishing took place, it was possible thank to fundings gained from the European Union as part of the Regional Operational Project of Lubelskie Province. The book is an integral part of international project “Green Hearts of Europe- the Promotion of Cultural and Touristic Values of Zamość Commune”. Our region’s achievements are a part of a great European heritage. Rich history of 35 towns in the region and the fact that there are materials, relations, science researches still reveling new information, lead us to continue to work on expanding the publishing. We would like to thank the authors and everyone who helped this project to come to life. I invite you all to read and participate in the next stage of exploring the secrets of Zamość Commune’s history.


Mayor of Zamość Commune

Ryszard Gliwiński