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The Days of Zawada

On 19th September 2010 in the GLKS Echo Zawada football Stadium a feast was organized. It started at 11 a.m. with the Orlik football match, won by Zawada team. The official opening of the feast took place at 1 p.m. Students of a private gymnasium of Jan Kochanowski and pupils from the primary school of Maria Konopnicka presented their artistic skills while demostrating their patrons’ writings. Moreover, students of a gymnasium danced a minuet, as a way of turning back to the Renaissance. What is more, ladies from the farmer’s wives’ association had prepared delicious meal and salad for the participants from which the jury chose the best one. Subsequently, the performance of the choir “Sitanianie” from Sitaniec took place. Then, a sports competition was organized. The representatives of the rural organizations of our village took part in this competition, such as students, parents, headmasters, the representatives of the Village Council, the village head - Mr Sylwester Dobromilski, and chairwoman of the farmer’s wives’ association - Mrs Teresa Duda. In spite of the fact that there was fierce competition between teams, embarassing gaffes made by contestants made all people laugh. For the finale of the festival there was a performance given by the emergent band called “SHINE” from Zawady. Despite the fact that there was plenty of fun during the festival, cold weather and late hour made all people go home. During the days of Zawada in a day-room workshops, called ”Cultural landscape”, were organized, within the international project called “Thed green heart of Europe – the promotion of the cultural values and touristy sites of Zamość Commune”, financially supported by UE. The town, with its rich history, possesses a great number of souvenirs from ancient times, such as legendary windmill, old rural shacks, the remainings of the manor, and the other ones. Agnieszka Gawron