Green Hearts of Europe INFO

Teleconference on the halfway point

Teleconference about embarking on projects and already completed ones initiated the second year of co-operation between Zamość Commune and partners from Podkarpacie Province, Slovakia, Hungary, and Italy within a project called “The Green Heart of Europe – the promotion of the cultural values and touristy sites of Zamość Commune”. The meeting took place on 17th March 2011 in the room of the Delegacy of Lublin Province in Zamość. Among the people attended the meeting were: councillor of Zamość Commune, the village heads, and chairwomen of the farmer’s wives’ association. The main theme of the conference concerned the annual cycle of the enterprises from 2010 within the project. The biggest events that took place in Zamość Commune: Local Government Days (two-day event with regard to the the olympic games and the music festival arranged at the sporting venue in Żdanowo), Gopher’s day (ecological and recreational feast in Mokre), European harvest festival ( Zamość commune’s harvest festival in Mokre), and the international conference in Kalinowice “Poznanie”, European Days of tradition in Wysokie, study tours in local and partnership’s region, publications, promotion, creating websites. The partners who support Zamość commune in the promotion of the regions: Tourist Regional Development Agency (Slovakia), Sarospatak Towns (Hungary), Staffolo (Italy), Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society O/Rzeszów. The co-operation was considered successful by the representatives: Sväto­slav Hust’ák – the manager of Agency, Sauro Ragni – the mayor of Staffolo, Èles György –the representative of Sáro­spa­tak, Łukasz Biedka – the member of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society O/Rzeszów. The representatives of the partnership visited Zamość Commune in 2010. A good relationship was developed especially with Sniny District. People who arrived: the representatives of Agency, of Płoniny National Park, the representatives of Local Government, people related to education, culture, craft, the work of folklore, and the band called”Vihorlat” who presented traditional dance and music. The commune’s residents acquainted with Podkarpacie Province and Eastern Slovakia. The manager of Agency claimed that the project was highly successful, for instance, by the mutual inspiration and by benefiting greatly from the partner’s experiences – the enterprises of Zamość Commune are, as well, initiated in Slovakia. Moreover, a youth wind band from Białowola gave a concert during XVI Wind Band Festival in Staffolo. In 2011 such events are going to be arranged: Italy – a wind band from Staffolo, who is arriving in September 2011, Hungary – the arrival of delegation consisted of 40 people which is expected in June within the programme called “Local Government Days II”. As usual, we are going to co-operate with Tourist and Sightseeing Polish Society O/Rzeszów. Futhermore, the artists from Podkarpacie Province are going to perform. The presentation of the events happened in 2010 and 2011 are presented in the brochure called “The Green Heart of Europe. It is worthy to co-operate”. The presentation of the partners is also available there. The brochure is available in the Centre for Sport and Tourism Promotion of Zamość Commune, Peowiaków Str. 92, 22-400 Zamość ( Local Office in Zamość – 2nd floor), and in the Distribution of Local Government Bulletin in Zamość. 70% of the whole project is financially supported by European Regional Development Fund within the Lubelskie Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. In the next edition of Bulletin, the information about following events and enteprises will be announced. Magda Misz­tal