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Gopher’s Day in Zamość Commune

W niedzielę (31.07.2011 r) na boisku śródleśnym w Mokrem po raz siódmy odbył się rodzinny festyn ekologiczno-turystyczny Dzień Susła. Po raz trzeci towarzyszyły mu Targi Wyrobu Naturalnego. Na szczęście przestało padać i nawet bajkowy Gargamel rozdawał prezenty.

On Sunday (31.07.2011) ecologial and tourist feastGophers Day, which was organized for the seventh time, took place on the pitch in Mokre and for the third time it was accompanied by the Natural Product Fair. Fortunately, it stopped raining and a fairytale Gargamel was giving gifts.

The feast was organized by Zamość Commune together with the residents of Mokre and local organizations: the Village Council, the farmers wivesassociation, volunteer fire department, Common land of Mokre, sports clubOkęcie Mokre.

The main aim of organizing the feast was to protect the environment, especially the speckled ground squirrel, and the promotion of the cultural values and tourist areas of Zamość Commune.

This years Gophers Day was, for the second time, realized within the project calledThe Green heart of Europethe promotion of the cultural values and touristy sites of Zamość commune, financially supported by European Regional Development Fund within the Lubelskie Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. Zamość Commune is the leader of the project, together with: The Agency of Regional Development of Połoniny from Slovakia, Stafollo commune from Italy, Sáro­spa­tak commune from Hungary, and Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society from Rzeszów.

The meeting started at 3 oclock on Sunday in Mokre. Firstly, fairytale Smurfs and Gargamel provided entertainment and they tried to encourage people to participate in it. For the bravest participants the prizes were awarded. At 4 oclock, the village mayor of Zamość Commune, Ryszard Gliwiński, the organizers from Mokre, and the representatives of partnership oficially opened the event. People who spoke on behalf of their own delegations were as follows: Svätoslav Hust'ák, the Mayor of the Agency of Reginal Development of Połoniny from Slovakia, Bruna Antonucci from Stafollo, Éles György from Sáro­spa­tak commune from Hungary, and the chairman of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society from Rzeszów.

During the Gophers Day, the contest between village councils calledThe village council on a postcardwas summarized. 38 owners of gardens and properties from Zamość Commune participated in a competition.

The pitch in Mokre was the final part of the Third Gophers Race which the members of Blood Donation Club participated in. The club is supported by PKP LHS in Zamość.

The audience was entertained by Boney M, The Beatles, Czerwone Gitarys greates hits which were performed by the band calledThe Shout. A youth wind band from a volunteer fire department from Białowola performed in a Summer Concert. Children were encouraged to take part in art contests by women from the Farmers WivesAssociation. Moreover, Members of scout troopPyszczydłafrom Wysokie applied artistic make-up.

Edyta Zając performed four types of dances: the 1920s, Disco Dance, Belly dance with sword, Belly dance with Isis Wings. She was accompanied by Hip Hop Dance Groups from Zamość Commune: CNN, CHILLOUT Pniówek, RAP Duet, dance groups from Zawady and Wysokie, and by ladies from Płoskie who presented aerobics.

During the Gophers Day, The Natural Product Fair was organized. People chose the most interesting product or the service of The Natural Product Fair. Votes had to be cast on particular polls which were available at the Promotion House of Zamość Commune.

The winner of the Third Natural Product Fair was Agata Piwko, who won the majority of the votes cast. She presented her own macrame.

People who cast their votes received the award such as:

  • photograpgh albums „The Green Heart of Europe”, funded by Zamość Commune,

  • awards funded by exhibitors: several pieces of artistic jewellery created by Monika Woźnica and Katarzyna Brysiak

  • a plate decorated with Decoupage technique by Barbara Białas

  • a bottle of “Sosnówka” and two single trips to Lwów, funded by a Travel Agency “Quand”

From 2005 the speckled ground squirrel acts as a tourist symbol of Zamość Commune. A statuette of the speckled ground squirrel can be won in tourist contestWinners of the bicycle path of Zamość Communeor by participating in the Gophers Day event.

In a contestThe search for the Gopher, the mentioned statuette was found by Dariusz Kierepa and Magdalena Edelman. Additionally, they won backpacks which were funded by Zamość Commune.