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Slovakia wants to cooperate with us

A meeting of the authorities of local government of Zamość Commune and Sèdliska Commune was arranged on 6th August 2011 in the Office of Sèdliska Commune. A delegation to Slovakia, which 50 people took part in, was organized within the project called “The green heart of Europe – the promotion of the cultural values and tourist areas of Zamość Commune”, at 70% financially supported by UE. Sèdliska Commune is a member of Regional Development of Płoniny from Slovakia – one of the member of the project. Sèdliska, situated near the Vranov, has a great number of tourist facilities. The Gothic Castle of 1270 is the symbol of the Commune. The Veľká Domaša Reservoir (called “The green Pearl of East Slovakia”), which was built on the river Ondawa, is a great place to swim, play water sports, and to go fishing in a number of Resorts. The village mayor of Zamość Commune, Ryszard Gliwiński, the chairman of the Village Council, Jerzy Bondyra, the village major of Sèdliska Commune form Slovakia - Jozef Dobrocký and his assistant - Ján Rusin declared the willingness to further mutual cooperation. Both Zamość Commune and Sèdliska Commune apply for financial support for the implementation of further projects from the International Visegrad Fund for society of these local governments.

Magda Misztal