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”European Harvest Festival” in Pniówek

Barwny korowód dożynkowy z udziałem delegacji 33 sołectw Gminy Zamość rozpoczął Dożynki Gminy Zamość w dniu 4 września 2011 r. w Pniówku. Tegoroczne Święto Plonów było obchodzone pod hasłem „Dożynki Europy II” i zostało zrealizowane w ramach projektu „Zielone serca Europy – promocja walorów kulturowych i turystycznych terenów Gminy Zamość”.

A colourful pageant of 33 village councils was the first part of the Harvest Festival, which took place on 4th September 2011 in Pniówek. This years Harvest Festival was calledEuropean Harvest Festival IIand was arranged within a project calledThe Green Heart of Europethe promotion of the cultural values and tourist areas of Zamość Commune.

who visited Zamość Commune: Wind Band from StaffoloBanda Musicale citta di Staffolo, assistant of the Mayor of Staffolo - Gian-Luca Tesei, band calledDzikowianiefrom Stary Dzików, together with the village mayorBarbara Małecka and the manager of Cultural CentreLeszek Król.

The chiefs of this years Harvest Festval: Jadwiga Wojczuk from Jatutowa and Jarosław Wróblewski from Pniówka.

Both Jadwiga Wojczuk and her husband Marian are the owners of homestead measuring 5 ha in Jatutów. Cereal and sugar beet are the main products of the crop production, whereas domestic pig and cattle dominate the animal production. Annual production of pigs amounts to 50. Mrs Wojczuk is the Secretary of the Farmers WivesAssociation in Jatutów.

Jarosław Wróblewski and his wife Elżbieta are the owners of land measuring 30 ha in Pniówek with the fruit crop (raspberry), orchard, and cereal. Mr Wróblewski cooperates with the Centre of Agriculture on new fruit crops technology.

Straight after the processional march, the village mayor - Ryszard Gliwiński greeted all the guests. Subsequently, farmers from Zamość Commune were honoured with a title:A well-deserved farmergiven by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. People who were awarded: Jarosław Wróblewski from Pniówek, Jadwiga Wojczuk from Jatutów, Jerzy Szast from Jatutów, Henryka i Czesław Sokalowie from Sitaniec, Marian Panas from Kalinowice, Wiesław Kwoka from Wysokie, Adam Paszkowski from Pniówek, Elżbieta Kniaż from Pniówek and Marianna Szarafin from Lipsko Polesie.

The Village Mayor expressed his gratitude for citizenscontribution to social life. People who received gratitude: Jan Kudyk, Jan Farion, Stanisław Ponachajba, Stanisław Paszkowski, Edward Dumicz, Kazimierz Matwiejczuk, Maria Słota from Pniówek, Jan Drozdowski z Wólka Panieńska and Piotr Majdan from Kalinowice.

Mass, which was the main point of the Harvest Festival, was celebrated by the priest Stanisław Bachora rector of Holy Cross Parish in Zamość, to which Pniówek belonges. After the Eucharist there was the ceremony of sharing the bread.

Subsequently, a wind band from Staffolo Commune, which was led by Samuele Faini, permormed first. The band played songs such as:Waltz of the flowersP. Czajkowski,Abba GoldandThe DOORS in Concert. Futhermore, a youth wind band from a volunteer fire department in Białowola, led by Józef Tokarz, also gave a concert. The band played, for instance,a film score.

Apart from cabarets and concert, the spectators saw the performance of the band calledDzikowianiefrom Stary Dzików. The bands who played typical songs of Roztocze were as follows:Białowolankifrom Białowola,Echo Lipskafrom Lipsk andRoztoczankifrom Wólka Wieprzecka. The bands were accompanied by Stanisław Momot who played the accordion.

After that, the spectators had a chance of watching a dance show presented by teenage group calledChilloutfrom Pniówek, prepared by Edyta Zając. Next, a choir calledSitanianiefrom Sitaniec, led by Irena Dużyńska, sang for the members of the meeting.

During the Harvest Festival, people took part in competition calledThe presentation of village councilsandHarvest Wreath. 31 Village Councils took part in this competition. People prepared unique stalls which aimed at promoting village councils. The members of the jury - citizens from village councils, according to all of the requirements for the contest (such as the participation in the procession, the preparation of the unique bread and wreth, the stall promoting village councils, and local meal), chose the most interesting presentation. The magnificent wreaths were also distinguished. Sitaniec Wolica, Mokre and Chyża received an honorary title of the competitionThe presentation of Village Councils. Sitaniec Wolica, Mokre and Bortatycze received an honorary title of the other competition calledHarvest Wreath.

The citizens also cast a vote. The presentations which got the highest number of votes were as follows: Sitaniec Wolica, Mokre and Wólka Wieprzecka. Moreover, children had a chance of taking part in a number of contests. The scoup troop calledPyszczydłapainted childrens faces. The representatives of The Agricultural Social Insurance FundKRUShold a contest for people to demonstrate the knowledge about the safety at work in agricultural industry.

DuringHarvest Exhibitiona wide range of stalls were presented by:WIK-POLMariusz Kuchtas Pottery, artistic handicrafts made by Agata Piwko, Lucjan Szewczyks Wickerwork,
Association from Zamość, scout troopPyszczydłafrom Wysokie, Womens Association-Amazonkifrom Zamość, Agricultural Advisory Centre in Końskowola / Sitno, SKOKWisła, Association Local Action GroupNasze Roztocze, Wikland-Barbara Paruch, The Agricultural Social Insurance FundKRUSfrom Zamość, Cooperative banking from Zamość, Sience and Business CentreŻAK, and Public Library from Sitaniec. What is more, there was a great number of stalls with toys, balloons, and sweets.

The final part of the Harvest Festival was a concert performance given by the band calledZbójefrom Podhale.

Text: Aleksandra Siołek

Photographs: Jerzy Cabaj, Krzysztof Czerwieniec, Emil Cabaj